COVID-19: Global View

If you’re looking for some live and interactive charts then this is probably what you’re after. The charts below are automatically updated each day and they provide some indication of where Ireland is in the global picture.

These charts are all from OurWorldInData, a fantastic resource with open, reliable and configuable charts. I’ve configured all of these to ensure they include Ireland.

This first chart shows the Daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths. Most countries in Europe seen this rise expoentially for a period, and then start to steady. In fact most major European countries are now seeing the daily deaths decrease – but how long will this take to return to zero?

Below is a similar chart – but a few key differences. This this is per million people, it’s using a linear y-axis and also using actual dates.

The chart below is also showing the number of deaths – but this is a cumulative view – so the objective here is to ‘flatten the curve’