Hi, you’re very welcome to Illustrate This.

This site is all about data visualisation – translating information into pictures – charts / graphs / diagrams / maps.

I’m a BI specialist with lots of experience – this is just a place for me to experiment and share things that hopefully people will find useful or interesting.

I started this in Jan 2020 – and little did I know at that stage that I’d spend almost all of 2020 making charts and maps that tell the COVID-19 story. It was a year when the demand for numbers, statistics, charts, maps has probably never been higher. Hopefully soon this COVID-19 crisis will pass into history – but I hope too that it’s sparked an interest in numbers and data visualisation that people may not have had before.

I think it’s been a real education for the world – and I’m most definitely including myself in that.

If you’ve any ideas, feedback, or if you’ve spotted any inaccuracies anywhere – please do contact me at brian@illustratethis.info.