6 Months of COVID in Ireland

On the 27th of February 2020 the first case of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland was reported.

Two days later, on the 29th, the first case in the Republic was reported in the “eastern part of the country”.

I’ve been tracking the cases over these 6 months – and this map shows how the number of cases have changed over time.

To keep this simple I’ve not included a lot of detail on this, but it’s worth mentioning that this map uses a weighted 7-day moving average. The objective is to reduce the flicker of each county transitioning from white to red to white.

Data in the Republic

In the early days of COVID, data on the geographical location of cases was limited. We were told that cases were in the North, West etc., but we were not told the county. On the 18th of March we got our first view of the detail (although we were still only given the exact number of cases if the number was greater than 5).

So we didn’t have great data for the first few weeks – and I’ve had to reconstruct this based on what we do know by piecing together the press-releases leading up to the 18th of March.

Data in NI

On the 26th of March we started getting the number of cases per council.

So, this meant we had a data-gap of around a month. However, quite recently the Dept of Health have started publishing their dashboard data in Excel, and this provides more detail than we previously had.

We can now see the cases going back to early March, which is good, but unfortunately the numbers don’t align exactly with the press release dates – so I’ve had to make some adjustments to align these.

Here’s another view

This view is almost exactly the same, but a little slower.